Horse Passport Binding With Eyelets

If you are an Authorised Passport Issuing Organisation (PIO) Hanolex has a range of solutions to help you meet horse identification legislation in securely binding Horse Passports together.

DEFRA say riveting with eyelets is an acceptable method of binding together horse passports and that it meets acceptable forms of binding that are set out in section 3.3.2 of the minimum operating standards for UK approved passport issuing organisations:

“Commission Regulation EC 504/2008 Article 5(1) requires that passports be indivisible. Staples, glue, comb binding or wire binding are NOT considered sufficient to meet this requirement, and must NOT be used in new passports.”

“Eyelet riveting would be sufficient to meet current binding requirements.” (1)

Eyelets are ideal for this application as it is almost impossible to remove or add pages without damaging the booklet. Any attempt to tamper with the eyelets would usually leave tell tale marks, and if they are removed they can’t be reinserted.

Please contact Hanolex for more information on this highly secure and professional way of binding documents.

Some of the equipment we supply that would be suitable for this application.

(1) Defra correspondence 12/03/14