New Machine for Curtain Eyelets

Hanolex announce the launch of our new HPXc hand press for curtain eyelets. It’s completely designed and built by Hanolex and intended for the busy workroom and builds on the success of our popular HP1000c which it now replaces. The HPXc offers many improvements including the unique ability to be operated from either the front or back. This means that you can comfortably use the machine with the curtain you’re eyeleting laid out on a bench in front of the machine, so no more grappling with material or dragging it along the floor while you operate the press.

The HPXc also features an improved mechanism that makes it a lot easier to operate taking the effort out of eyeleting. It inserts our complete range of curtain eyelet right upto 66mm hole size

Full details in our machine showroom page here.

Buy the HPXc in our web shop here.

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