EMJ239 Fully-Auto Eyelet Machine

Our most popular powered eyelet machine.

Designed for high volume constant use, this fully automatic eyeleting machine feeds both the eyelet and backing washer to the setting dies via hopper fed raceways. Then in a single action punches out a hole in the material while simultaneously setting the eyelet without the operator having to handle the components.

Ideal for:

    • Sail Eyelets

    • Grommet Eyelets

    • Plastic Eyelets

    • 240 volt single phase power supply.
    • Does not normally require pneumatic service*.
    • Automatically compensates for variable material thicknesses.
    • Quiet operation.
    • Sets eyelets in a variety of materials including plastic, paper and leather.
    • Laser and Back stop for accurate placement of work.
    • Foot pedal operation leaves both hands free.
    • Large capacity component bowls.
    • Available table mounted EMJ239 or a mobile version EMJ239M on wheels

Information Sheet

Model EMJ239 EMJ239M
Height 1490mm 830mm
Width 900mm 730mm
Depth 700mm 570mm
Weight 138kgs 110kgs
Power Supply 240 volt single phase
Max hole size of eyelet 17mm
Setting per minute (up to) 100
Setting options:
Sail eyelet & Neck Washer
Sail Eyelet
Grommet & Spur Washer