PMJ25D Curtain Eyelet Machine

Specifically designed for producing quality eyelet headed curtains quickly and efficiently.

Height 1390mm
Width 900mm
Depth 630mm
Throat depth 150mm
Adjustable distance between eyelets 115mm to 500mm
Maximum size of eyelet 66mm
Weight 87kgs
Power Supply Pneumatic 6 bar

This totally air operated machine, will in a single action punch out a hole in the material whilst simultaneously setting the curtain eyelet.  It can be used to set almost any type of eyelet in a many types of material. Separate cutting and closing heads eliminate the chance of puckering of light fabrics, while automatically spacing eyelets accurately.

  • Extremely simple to operate
  • Sets sizes up to 66mm hole diameter
  • No puckering of material
  • Back stop for accurate placement of work
  • Foot operated pedal leaves both hands free
  • Finger guard protection mechanism prevents operation when dies are obstructed

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