Solutions for the Curtain Workroom

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Curtain Makers

Our curtain eyelets and manual setting equipment are all available to buy on our webshop.

Single bespoke curtains? -OR- Large production runs? WE CAN HELP!

We have built a wealth of experience supplying all sizes of curtain  manufacturer, whatever your company’s size we can provide cost effective quality solutions that work, helping you to reduce your costs and simplifying curtain manufacture.

Our professional quality two part metal eyelets are made from high quality rust free brass. They are significantly stronger and more robust than the ‘click together’ plastic alternatives and because you use tools to permanently insert them there is no danger of the eyelet coming apart when fitted in to heavier fabrics.

In addition to their contemporary design appeal, in public or commercial environments curtains hung with eyelets are very durable and when hung from a securely fitted curtain pole become highly theft resistant, ideal for store changing rooms, hotel rooms, and other public spaces.

diag_curtain_eyeletEyelet Sizes

Curtain eyelets are available in four sizes to suit all curtain pole diameters, they are 25mm, 40mm, 50mm and 66mm. We also have a square eyelet in the popular 40mm size.

ProductInternal Hole
Size when set
Overall Length
Before setting
CE2525mm Curtain Eyelet25mm1"44mm1.7"11mm0.4"
CE4040mm Curtain Eyelet40mm1.5"62mm2.4"12mm0.5"
SQB4040mm Square Eyelet40mm1.5"62mm2.4"12mm0.5"
CE5050mm Curtain Eyelet50mm2"80mm3.15"12mm0.5"
CE6666mm Curtain Eyelet66mm2.6"95mm3.7"12mm0.5"

As well as the main curtain eyelet range we can also offer smaller eyelets for use in tie-backs or roman blinds.

Curtain Eyelet Finishes

Our range of curtain eyelets is available to you in over ten standard finishes plus many powder coated paint finishes:

*Other finishes available, please contact us for more details.

Fitting Options

Machines to fit our curtain eyelets?

The right machine depends on the amount of eyelets you anticipate inserting.

Our HPXc Curtain Eyelet Press is ideal for low to medium volume production, these manually operated British made machines are a common sight in many workrooms the latest model has many features to improve ease of use.

For one off projects and occasional use our quality hand tools do the job too.

High volume manufacturers may need a more automated solution and we have a range of powered machines to suit our customers requirements.