Equipment for Fitting Eyelets

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Eyelets need to be fitted using the correct tools and equipment.

Please browse our range of manual and powered eyeletting equipment below, we have assembled a wide range of products to suit most applications. Our sales team will be able to advise on the most appropriate solution for your particular requirement, call us on 0161 240 4499, click on the chat button on the right or use the contact us form.

Each piece of equipment has its own page where you can view video demonstrations and further details.

Equipment FAQ

Both have plus points over the other, electric machines tend to be faster, quieter and don’t need an air supply. However pneumatic machines tend to be less expensive and more compact.

The right machine depends on many factors if you are unsure then it would be best to discuss your requirements with our sales team and they will be able to advise on the best options.

Semi automatic machines only feed the eyelet. Whilst fully automatics feed both the eyelet and a backing washer. Most applications require a washer as well as an eyelet but for those where only an eyelet is required then a semi-auto machine is suitable.