Ideal Eyelets for Banners

Our recyclable polyGROMS™ are also suitable for many other applications as well as banners, such as shower curtains and pool covers.

Recycle PolygromsMakes Banners Easier to Recycle.

When used in banners their main advantage is that the whole banner can be easily recycled as a complete unit rather than having to remove each individual metal eyelet from the banner and recycle separately. This could be a crucial factor when tendering to an environmentally conscious customer!

Available in Various Colours

Engineered from tough polycarbonate and available in Transparent, White or Black finishes to suit almost any application. 

The transparent version is almost invisible when fitted to allow maximum visibility of underlying graphics.

PolyGrom™ Sizes

Size (A)
Diameter (C)
Length (B)

Application Methods

As with traditional metal eyelets PolyGROMS™ are fitted in the same way using setting tools.

We have a wide range of setting equipment to suit all levels of production and every pocket. From hand tools and small manual machines (as well as adapters for existing machines) to fully automated machines that deliver significant improvements in productivity.