PMJ259/269 Fully-Auto Eyelet Machine

Our smallest and most compact fully auto machine for our PolyGROM™, Sail Eyelet and Grommet ranges of eyelets.

Height 80cm
Width 80cm
Depth 80cm
Weight 60kgs
Power Supply 240 volt single phase
Air Supply 6 Bar
Max hole size of eyelet 16mm PolyGrom™

13mm Metal Eyelets

Setting per minute 30

This machine dramatically speeds up eyeletting compared to manual methods,  so much so that for example you could easily eyelet an entire banner while an operator using  manual tools would still be fitting the first eyelet.

Designed for high volume constant use, this fully automatic eyeleting machine feeds both the eyelet and backing washer to the setting dies via hopper fed raceways. Then in a single action punches out a hole in the material while simultaneously setting the eyelet without the operator having to handle individual components.

Supplied as standard on a wheeled mobile unit that can be easily moved around the work place. However it can be fixed to a suitable bench if required.

  • Small compact design
  • Quiet operation.
  • Designed for the banner industry
  • Large capacity component bowls.

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