Hanolex Linear System

The Hanolex Linear system is a complete eyeleting solution for large format banners that solves the problem of getting the banner to a fully auto eyelet machine.

The system incorporates one of our fully auto- eyeleting machines track mounted to a sturdy bench. The cable management system keeps cables and pipes off the floor while enabling the bench to be over seven meters long!

The key to the whole system is the banner grip which quickly holds the end of the banner while the eyeleter travels along its length. This means even a long banner can be quickly eyeleted without fear of creasing or other damage.

We have designed the system to be simple and easy to use.

      • No more dragging banners across the floor.
      • No more standing on the banner while you try to get to the machine.
      • Leave the banner on the bench

As each one is custom built the design can be flexible allowing for different  sizes of table or a choice of eyelet machine head.

When not being used for eyeleting the eyeleter head can be pushed out of the way allowing the entire bench to be used for other processes.

As the system is custom built the bench size can be made to suit  the users requirements

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