Atwell Engineering Ltd has now become Hanolex Ltd.

We are exited to announce that we have changed our company name.

This is the first step step in a planned rebranding of the company. 


Press release text


Atwell Engineering Limited has announced that as of April 7th 2011, the company’s legal name became Hanolex Limited.   This change is a result of customer feedback over the company name. The company supplies a wide range of market sectors such as print, automotive and soft furnishings, and the company name change is to allow us to develop a consistent brand identity relevant to these and other sectors and to the products we sell.

Atwell Engineering Ltd has traded as Atwell Eyelets & Pressings for the past 10 years and it was felt that the time was right to create a better more consistent identity.   Although the Hanolex Ltd name change takes immediate effect, the old trading style of “Atwell Eyelets & Pressings” will gradually be phased out over the next 12 months as we introduce the new Hanolex brand.   The name change is purely a commercial adjustment to build better brand recognition amongst our customers. We would like to assure our customers and suppliers that no recent change of ownership or takeover has taken place and that we remain the same independent company we have always been.   Company number, V.A.T. number and bank details all remain the same.

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